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    Can we display only the required dimensions under Dimensions Drop Down list


      I am using Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Fusion Edition, so far under Activities -> Maps option we used to display all the dimensions used in the application, but now as per the client's requirement we need to display only those dimensions which needs mapping under dimensions drop down list.


      Now in our Application our Dimension Drop Down list will look show these dimensions

      Legal Entity
      Inter company
      Reverse 1
      Reverse 2

      Among these we are doing mapping only for Account, Entity dimensions so we need to hide rest of the dimensions from the Dimensions Drop Down list for which we are not using any mappings (Legal Entity, Inter company,Reverse 1,Reverse 2)

      Another thing is these dimensions should be hidden only from the drop down list and not from the Output file generated after the Export.

      Some suggestions regarding this issue will be greatly helpful.


      Abdulla Javeed Hassan