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    Error while updating PO - 'This document is locked by another user. Please


      While updating the PO through API (Oracle Version - 11i) we are getting the error message 'This document is locked by another user. Please try again later.' intermittently.

      We are using below API to update the PO through interface program.

      (x_po_number => <PO_NUMBER>,
      x_release_number => NULL,
      x_revision_number => v_revision_num,
      x_line_number => v_line_num,
      x_shipment_number => v_shipment_num,
      new_quantity => l_upd_price,
      new_price => NULL,
      new_promised_date => NULL,
      launch_approvals_flag => 'Y',
      update_source => NULL,
      VERSION => '1.0',
      x_override_date => SYSDATE,
      x_api_errors => v_api_errors,
      p_buyer_name => NULL
      Client is very keen to know the root cause of the error message, Does any has any idea ? Our concurrent program has been configured incompatibility, so one program will at a given time.

      It would be great if anyone can give me some valuable inputs to debug this error message.