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    iSupplier access


      Our company doesnot give iSupplier access to external suppliers but we use it internally to create ASNs on behalf of the suppliers. We have created a custom responsibility and added the securing attributes to the user who has access to creating ASNs. It was all fine initially but with the increasing number of suppliers and buyers (employees), we have to manually update the securing attributes and also when we have a new buyer, we need to create user ID and associate all the securing attributes (for all the suppliers). It has become very manual and time consuming effort. Is there an easy way to allow an internal user to create ASNs for all the suppliers without having to add securing attributes during user creation process?

      Any ideas on this are greatly appreciated..

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          Hi Jay,

          What menu you user for the custom responsibility. and in securing attributes, what is your total count of supplier you are using.In what version you use this fucntionality.
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            Hi Jay,

            Try the repsonsibility "iSupplier Portal Full Access". This is the actual responsibility that needs to be used when buyer is creating ASN(or isupplier activity) on behalf of supplier. This does not require the securing attributes and you need not worry about setting this.

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              Hi Jay,

              Have you found the answer of your query.


              We have the same scenario here. Some of our supplier are not willing to use isupplier Portal. they will send the Quotations & Work confirmations by Mial.

              If you have already applied the solution then please also suggest to me.