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    What is OFSAA?

      Hi All,

      I have been and OBIEE professional and now I am required to learn OFSAA. I tried looking over the internet but there isnt too much information available. Can someone please -

      1. Give me an overview in terms of how similar or how different it is from OBIEE?
      2. Point me to Oracle documentation for OFSAA
      3. Point me to any other sources/blogs/links which could be helpful

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          Hi Karam,

          OFSAA is a suite of applications (previously named OFSA) for the Financial Services industry. Nothing to do with OBIEE. OFSAA = Oracle Financial Services Analytical Appliations. Ths suite has the following modules: Funds Trandfer Pricing, Profitability Management, Assets and Liability Management and Balance Sheet Plannig. There are two additional products built over OBIEE for reporting/analysis of the OFSAA results: ALM Analytics and Profitability Analytics.

          You can download the documentation from: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E26650_01/homepage.htm
          This link was taken from the doc ID 1073394.1 from Oracle Support

          I've founded the OFSA-OFSAA Consultants group in LinkedIn

          Hope it helps,
          Javier Filgueira
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            Thanks Javier. Your answer was helpful.

            But tell me one thing - isnt it true that for any module of OFSAA, OBIEE is required as a reporting tool... how else will users view prebuilt reports and dashboards?

            And what is the difference in the fuctionality of Profitability Management and Profitability Analytics?

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              Hi Karan,

              OFSAA applications read data extracted from legacy sources and save results in the OFSAA results tables. Old OFSAA versions (named OFSA) had a series of Discoverer reports but these reports were not very userful so they were not generally used.

              OFSAA has optional modules for reporting / analysis of the generated result data: ALM Analytics and Profitability Analytics, both built over OBIEE.

              Experienced users could built queries for viewing results. Other users not so experienced need a tool for reporting. It could be any reporting/analysis tool, but the advantage of the analtical modules is that the ETL from OFSA to OBI is done. Otherwise, you need to know what and where to find.

              Profitability Management lets you define the rules for distributing income and expenses. You can define and build the Profitability Model for calculating the corporate profitability. Profitability Analytics is just a series of dashboards for analying the results.

              Hope it clarifies a bit.

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