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    PO Requisitions - Fields that distinguish a Req as not being on a PO?


      Using Oracle Discoverer, we are currently writing a report that pulls back all requisitions that have NOT been placed on a Purchase Order. We are writing this report to pull back data from R12.1.3. The intention is to replicate the data that is available from the AutoCreate pool (within the application)

      We would like to know if there is any field in the PO Requisition tables (PO_REQUISITION_HEADERS_ALL, PO_REQUISITION_LINES_ALL, PO_REQ_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL) that gets populated upon a requisition being placed onto a PO. Or, in other words, are there any fields that are NOT populated (within these req tables) before a requisition has been manually autocreated into PO?

      Many thanks for your help