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    no data found error while creating po using interface

      Hi all,
      I am a beginner in Oracle applications. I am trying to create a PO and line using interface tables.
      I am getting the below error when I run my concurrent program:

      I do see my records in my staging tables and in PO HEADERS INTERFACE and
      PO LINES INTERFACE table and there are no errors in the my sql loader programs.
      However there is an error in Import Standard Purchase Orders program:

      The below is the error from log:

      ora nodata found in package PO.PLSQL.PO_PDOI_PVT
      user defined exception in package PO.PLSQL.PO_PDOI_CONCURRENT

      There is no record in fng log messages table with the AUDSID provided in the log file!

      I am not sure what to do.

      Any suggestions?