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    BPM 11g Performance Tuning

      HI Experts,
      Can some one help me to tune a oracle bpm engine 11g (
      Any tuning recommendation for a mid-size engine
      (if some one really implemented which gives some significant performance improvement)
      Tried almost everything but engine is really slow with 5 concurrent user.
      Please don’t give url to middleware performance tuning guide. 

      1.65 GHz
      2 Core virtual
      Memory 16 GB

      Setting – Total 2 containers. 1 manage server each, 1 Admin.
      Heap space 4 GB, Perm Space – 1gb

      Client :
      50 Concurrent User.
      10 BPMN Process (each process got around 10-12 activity), 8 BPEL Process,
      1000-1500 Live Instances as of now. Need to cater more in future. (around 50,000))