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    how to implement Asynchronous Request-Delayed Response MEP? Correlation?


      Here is my Scenario

      Req -> ReqEBS -> EBF -> ReqEBS -> Prov -> RespEBS -> EBF

      Now the problem is my ResponseEBS should call the very instance of EBF which intiated the process and is in wait state to receive response from Provider. How am i suppose to invoke this particular instance of EBF? Because right now my ResponseEBS initiates a EBF rather than sending the response to original EBF.

      In 10g we did that using Correlation ID , that doesnt seem to work very well with Mediator or OSB. so what is the alternative ?

      This is all i got from the documentation :

      Routing to the correct requesting service.
      When multiple requesting services from multiple participating applications are invoking a request EBS and are waiting for a delayed response, then you need to route the response to the correct requesting service.
      Set the EBMHeader/Sender/WSAddress/wsa:ReplyTo/wsa:ServiceName to the name of the requesting service name in the requesting service—Application Business Message (ABM) to EBM transformation—before invoking the request EBS.

      In the providing service, this information is transferred from the request EBM to the response EBM. This information is used in the response EBS by putting a routing rule in the filter as:
      <EBO Name>ResponseEBM\corecom:EBMHeader\Sender\ WSAddress/wsa:ReplyTo/wsa:ServiceName = <Requesting Service Name>
      Example of the <Requesting Service Name> - CreateOrderSiebelReqABCSImplV2
      The target endpoint for the evaluation of this rule should be set to the requesting service.
      For every requesting service of the request EBS that is waiting for a response EBS to send back a response, a routing rule will be specified as above.


      I just dont understand how it will invoke the particular EBF instance ? because i have already done all the setting up wsa:ReplyTo and stuff

      Please urgent reply is needed.

      Atif Dar