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    Uploaded zip file to Portal corrupted when downloading

      I'm running Weblogic, Portal, db server runs Oracle 11g all under Solaris 10 SPARC 64bit.

      The problem I'm having is very odd. When I upload a ZIP file to any Portal page (new content page or existing page), then subsequently download it, it is corrupted. The original file decompresses properly though.

      If I use WinSCP to copy the file directly to the server and put it in the htdocs directory, then download it direct, the file is fine. Method #1 stores the file in the database, Method #2 , obviously, is stored in the file system.

      I've looked at the Oracle DB's alert log, WLS_PORTAL log, apache's error_log and I dont see any error that would indicate the upload is corrupt or a dropped network connection etc.

      Any other clues as to what I can look at?