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    Reporting on SR Owner Change, Activity Due Date Change

      We have few Report Requirements around Audit Trail. We are looking for Reports where we could Track Service Request Owner change, SR Status Change, Activity Due Date Change etc. As we know, In CRMOD Analytics, we cannot report on Audit Trail or use the PRE() function. Can anybody suggest any other ways for reporting on the Changes where we could show each and every change made to these fields and not only the previous values.
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          Lets Say you want to track status Change in SR. There are two ways of doing it.
          Option 1:

          Create a Long text field in SR page.
          Name it "Track Status Change". Do not Display the field to the users.
          Default the Field to Initial Status+","+Now().
          When the Status Changes, you need to append the field with "Current Status"+","+Now()+";"
          The Semi Colon is delimiter to show that this is the new status. This delimiter would be used in the report to seperate the status. You can achieve this using the reporting functionalities.

          The down side of this is that it can affect the performance of report since lot of Sting functionalities would be used for the tracking.

          Option 2
          Whenever the status changes, create a completed task. Populate the Subject of the task with the Status. Put a workflow/field validation so that no one edits the subject when the task is created automatically.

          You can run a report on the Task Created Date and Subject to get the Audit Trail.

          Let me know if this helps.

          Paul Swarnapandian.
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            I've never tried this but I think you can export the master audit trail and just do your analysis in Excel...

            In case you would try, please share us your experience as I am anticipating to perfom an analysis that is very similar to your requirements...