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    ODBC SQL C data type for 64-bit integer

      I am developing a 32-bit application in Labwindows CVI 2010. The application saves data into an oracle database.
      I would like to use 64-bit integer to save some information. Can someone please suggest corresponding odbc/sql C data type?
      Here are some details of the setup I have:
      Operating System: Windows 7 32-bit
      Compiler: Standard ANSI C Compiler
      ODBC Driver: Oracle ODBC Driver v3.51
      I have set the datatype of tables in the database server to NUMBER(20).
      As per suggestions on the web, SQL_C_UBIGINT (C data type) and SQL_BIGINT (corresponding SQL type) should work.
      However, I get the following error:
      [Oracle][ODBC] SQL data type out of range <-27>
      SQL state = S1004