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    SQLite Mobile client with vs2008

      hello guys, i'm from nicaragua and i am developing a windows mobile application with visual studio 2008, oracle database mobile server and SQLite for mobile client.

      i have a issue from the connection and sync with SQLite, and in this moment i'm very confused whith the form oracle database mobile client sync the database. i created my tables in oracle 11g back end database, and i created my publication that created a database in my pocket but i can't connect to this database file because appear a issue: file opened that is not a database file file is encrypted or is not a database. I used the system.data.SQLite provided from oracle in the installer of ODMS. the version of this dll is

      the other manner i try, is creating a SQLite database file directly from code in the application in windows mobile with the same structures of tables and names of oracle, this created the database and this works, i can connect with the database but i can not sync.

      please guys, help me!!, i have 3 days lost for this issue.

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