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    Batch Load Fails- Esb Code 1053025; FDM Code 10407

      Hey Folks-

      I've set up a batch process to load Essbase with the adapter and custom integration script. The batch also emails me if a POV (month/year) fails.

      Every now and then, I get an email saying 1 POV has failed. When I log in, it looks as though the Export/Load step failed with the log below.

      BUT, if you run the export/load manually, it passes without trouble.

      I've tried searching for the Essbase error but none of my searches yielded anything. Additionally the FDM error code reveals nothing either.

      Has anyone else seen this error before? Figured I'd check here before opening an SCR with Oracle.



      Error Log:

      ** Begin Oracle Hyperion FDM Adapter for Essbase Runtime Error Log Entry [2012-06-27-03:07:36] **
      Description.......Essbase API Procedure: [EsbPutObject] Threw code: 1053025 - 1053025 - [Wed Jun 27 03:07:36 2012]SERVERXXXXX/FinPlan/FinPlan/admin/Error(1053025)

      Object [Iw36] already exists and is not locked by user [admin@Native Directory]

      Computer Name....XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      Essbase Connection:
      App Name..........FinPlan
      DB Name...........FinPlan
      Server Name.......XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      Connect Status.... Connection Open
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          The error code being returned from Essbase means that the object that is being accessed is locked:

          /* Object [%s] already exists and is not locked by user [%s] */
          #define AD_AMSG_OAE_ONLU 1053025

          The IW36 file would need to be deleted from the Essbase Server.
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          • 2. Data Load using ODI Fails- Essbase Error(1053025)
            We were extracting data from one essbase app and loading into another essbase app using ODI when we encountered following error.

            Caused by: com.hyperion.odi.essbase.ODIEssbaseException: Cannot put olap file object. Essbase Error(1053025): Object [object name] already exists and is not locked by user [user name]

            We had killed a prevoius interface execution and when we started it again, we got error above. We were using a load rule that was hosted in separate folder and ODI was copying it into into target Essbase app and using it for data load into app and removing it after data load is complete. When we killed the interface, it was loading data and it left the rul file in essbase app. When we ran the interface next time, we got error as the rule was already there in essbase app.
            To fix this, we renamed the rul in essbase and interface executed fine. After that we removed the renamed rul as it was not needed in essbase app.