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    Drillable Region Load returned errors.  Please see Log

      When loading a data file to Essbase via FDM, the load failed and the FDM error log displayed the following:

      FDM Error Log:
      ** Begin Oracle Hyperion FDM Adapter for Essbase Runtime Error Log Entry [2012-06-27-15:16:46] **
      Description.......Drillable Region Load returned errors. Please see Log.

      Computer Name.....*******

      Essbase Connection:
      App Name..........*******
      DB Name...........*******
      Server Name.......*******
      Connect Status.... Connection Open

      The Essbase Application log gave the following error:

      Essbase Application log:
      [Wed Jun 27 15:16:46 2012]Local/*******/*******/*******@Native Directory/140011248002816/Info(1013091)
      Received Command [Update Drill through URL ] from user [admin@Native Directory]

      [Wed Jun 27 15:16:46 2012]Local/*******/*******/*******@Native Directory/140011248002816/Error(1200315)
      Error parsing formula for [REGION DEFINITION] (line 0): invalid object type

      [Wed Jun 27 15:16:46 2012]Local/*******/*******/*******@Native Directory/140011248002816/Warning(1080014)
      Transaction [ 0x30002( 0x4feb15ce.0x7ff66 ) ] aborted due to status [1040022].

      Does anyone please know what this means, and how I can resolve this? Previous data files loaded fine, so not sure why this has occurred this time round. We are using FDM and Essbase version
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          It appears you either have:
          1. Reached the maximum number of drillable reagions (256)
          2. You have corrupted regions

          You can view the regions from the EAS Console. Alternatively you can contact support for assistance.

          Thank you,
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            Many thanks for your reply. I am not yet familiar with drillable regions. Is this essentially URL data that is loaded to the Essbase cells (contained in the "-A.Dat" files exported from FDM) to allow drill-through from Smart View back to FDM?

            So is the limit essentially 256 regions for the entire Essbase database? Can you please provide further information? Should I look at turning off the "Enable Drillable Region Load" option in the Essbase Adapter settings of the FDM application? Will this essentially prevent the above?

            I have also logged an SR with Oracle. If you have any suggestions however, please let me know. Many thanks in advance.
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              The following is the entire contents of the "#####-A.Dat" file, as exported from FDM for loading to Essbase:

              "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Weekly Data" "FDM_FDMFLASH" "" ""
              " typ" "fr" value=" " xml" "type=""><attribute" "Exploration amont vers FDM"/><at" " typ" "Drill Through to FDM" des" "path="/"><resource" "Weekly Data" "<foldercontents" " xml" "de" value=" Drill-Through zu FDM"/><at
              "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "7" "Weekly Data" "FLASH Raw" "" ""
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                As an update, I have had to uncheck the "Enable Drillable Region Load" checkbox in the FDM Essbase adapter Integration Settings for now.

                Oracle are investigating further.