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    Load session from siebel for  specific user

    Ravindra D-Oracle
      Currently I am working on a project and came across a requirement to partially save the session in Siebel.
      one of our rulebase has significant no. of interview screens and user may chose to save part of it and the return some time later to continue with the application.
      When user hits on “load” it should ideally load the user specific session.

      In the current web-determinations it loads all the cases in Siebel(may be because we use default user “guest”).

      Can you please clarify?

      if not, is it possible to capture the load event and filter out the unwanted sessions.
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          The Load function in Web Determinations is designed to serve the purpose of a a user loading from all possible sessions that they may have saved before.

          If you want to implement a function where a user is resuming a single interview that they have stopped midway, then this isn't the function you are looking for.

          Here's what you should probably be looking to do.

          When a User saves a session, it has a unique caseID which will look something like "0-1,,guest,MyRulebase". This string can be used to reload the particular session into web determinations.

          You start an investigation with a previously saved session by invoking a url like http://myserver.com/siebel-web-determinations/startsession/MyRulebase?caseID=<caseID>

          - You could store this value as a cookie by adding some javascript to the velocity template that appears after a case is saved.

          - A simple html page could read in the cookie and then re-directed to the URL described above (fairly simple Javascript), then a user would resume the session where they left off, which is kind of what you want. If you directed a user to return to this page (instead of Web Determinations directly) then they will resume their session.