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    Migrate hundreds of Oracle databases to RHEL/Windows using DP/TTS/Shareplex

      Am working on devising a migration strategy for several Oracle databases from one physical data-center location to another data-center location through dedicated WAN links. Overall snapshot:

      Total 365 Dbs (28 to Oracle RAC 11gR2 and approx. 300 to DataGuard and Standalone). Source Databases versions are Oracle
      Source Databases are currently on different versions of Linux/HPUX/AIX/Windows OS. Target Database OS platform(most of them): RHEL 5.8/RHEL 6(atleast for Unix) and Windows. Plan is to migrate same versions and not upgrade(due to applications dependency). am thinking of using

      -Oracle Datapump
      -Transportable Tablespaces+RMAN scripting(for target datafiles)
      -Shareplex for Databases in TB (this tool allows ZDT, zero-downtime migration/from Quest software)

      Also my Storage/SAN colleague is using Swing gear (AUTO-LUN+BC) to migrate virtualizing the storage arrays from Source to Target location. Is it possible to "piggyback" on this SAN-level migration of the "physical" datafiles and then use Shareplex to migrate the archivelogs and apply them over to Target databases?

      Need your inputs please. Thanks in advance..