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    DeviceDataControl / displaying an image: application quits arbitrarily

      When trying to implement the display of a photo saved on the device (as described in the Developer Guide, section 9.4.1 "To Display an Image using the Device Data Control"), the application just quits altogether whenever navigation arrives to the task flow view that contains the elements related to the getPicture method action (button, output text, Image Control) that were added as described in the Dev Guide.

      This behavior occurs identically in the simulator and on the actual iPad device.

      If I delete the Image Control, the phenomenon still persists. Only after deleting the Image Control as well as the Output Text (thus with only the Button bound to the getPicture method left) does it cease.
      It is reproducible - by adding again the elements.

      It is the first time I observe the app to simply exit. No hanging, no freeze, no error message.
      What may be wrong here?