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    Installing AIA on SOA problem

      Hi everyone,

      I am trying to install AIA Foundation pack, and i made sure i am following the correct steps, started weblogic server, started the managed soa server through node manager weblogic console...

      now while i am doing the AIA installation ,after it has completed 40%, for some reason, it was at 40% for a long time, so i looked at my servers status and i can see the soa server has been shut down for some reason,....

      now i am trying to install again AIA from the beginning and in the Metadata Service Repository Details, as we need to give the MDS schema name(DEV_MDS in my case_ and password,

      it is giving the error as "MDS already populdated with AIA metadata, please clean up before install".

      As i am doing the installation second time, may be first time some tables and objects got created and its asking me to create those things now, can anyone please suggest how should i proceed now...

      Many Thanks,