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    Install ODP.NET only

      in our organization the IT team pre-installs Oracle 11gR2 client on our machines and the home directory is:
      It doesn't come with Oracle Data Providers for .NET

      Now, i want to instruct developers in my team to download and add the ODP.NET so that the .net tools can work with these

      I see that ODP.NET comes as part of ODAC and the installer installs Oracle Instant Client at C:\apps\<user>
      This makes the tnsnames in the original installation path invisible.
      I will then have to ask developers to change the default home to the new one (Instant Client) and add tnsnames again, and they will not like it,
      because of technical 'complexity' and the fear of not having client features in Instant Client that the original client had

      How can i install ODP.NET alone without having to install all the other components of ODAC?

      More specifically i am only interested in adding 'Oracle Data Provider for .NET 4'

      -srinivas yelamanchili
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          gdarling - oracle
          11203 ODP has a dependency on 11203 client, is that what they already have installed?

          You don't have to "change the default home to the new one" as
          1) that happens automatically when you install.
          2) ODP.NET doesn't need to be the default home.

          However, you may want to change the default home BACK to the old one depending upon what products you're using out of that home. You may also need to remove the ODP publisher policy files if you have apps that need the old version of ODP.

          The best solution here is simply to add ODAC into a new home and create a new tnsnames.ora (or create TNS_ADMIN environment variable to point to the location of the other home instead).

          Hope it helps,