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    Incorrect Message format -- Urgent help needed.

    User408980 -Oracle
      When I send a mssg from UCM Publish/Subscribe to JMS implemented on Weblogic it is recevied as a below mssg instead of the xml. The workflow being used is "UCM Person Customer Profile Integration SOAP Process"

      00000000: 3c3f 786d 6c20 7665 7273 696f 6e3d 2231 .?xml version."1
      00000010: 2e30 2220 656e 636f 6469 6e67 3d22 5554 .0" encoding."UT
      00000020: 462d 3822 3f3e 3c43 6f6e 7461 6374 0a3e F.8"?..Contact..

      Has anybody faced a similar issue or any clues why the mssg is not in xml format. Is there any configuration needed on my part to fix the above issue ?

      Please help.