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    LIBGW_CAT:1000 & LIBGW_CAT:5382


      I am using "Oracle Tuxedo, Version, 64-bit, Patch Level 042" on HP Itanium. I am getting following messages in ULOG file.

      132701.aquartzts9l1!GWTDOMAIN.3805.4.0: LIBGW_CAT:1000: ERROR: Message dropped by gw_msg_recv(). Error = 402019
      132701.aquartzts9l1!GWTDOMAIN.3805.4.0: LIBGW_CAT:5382: INFO: Service OutFixRtrs reaches TM_GWT_REQ_MAXHOPS which is 10. The reason is: serv
      ice is not advertised, or server not booted.

      I am checking for Message "LIBGW_CAT:5382" but i am not able to find this in documentation. Is anybody aware of this message and explaination for the same.

      Ajeet Tewari
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          Bob Finan-Oracle
          Hello Ajeet,
          When domains configuration are set up such that they send the request to each other for a service but the service is unavailable/down
          it is possible that they will loop continuously until a maximum action table error occurs. The TM_GWT_REQ_MAXHOPS environment varialbe
          was added to limit this looping and report the LIBGW_CAT:1000 error. Because the LIBGW_CAT:1000 message is not informative enough
          the TM_GWT_MAXRETRY_REASON environment variable was added to send the LIBGW_CAT:5382 message to the ulog when the LIBGW_CAT:1000 occurs.

          In your case check that the application server for the OutFixRtrs service was running and the service was available in any of the domains for which it is configured.

          Bob Finan
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            Thanks for explanation.