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    Client validation of selectOneRadio

    Brent Harlow
      Hi guys,


      I have noticed that the normal client validation does not work correctly with items that are created as radio Groups. My display type is "model-radio-horizontal", required="true". The items are present in a wizard page. When the user clicks on the Next button, the radio groups are not validated as requiring input at the same time as other text fields on the page (first you clear the validation on text items then after clicking Next, the radio groups are validated. After searching on the forums I found that a suggested solution was to add the "unselectedLabel" attribute to the selectOneRadio component (due to bug 13822582).

      Certainly this works but has the horrible side effect of creating an additional radio button for the unSelected item which no user would expect to see !

      I was wondering if/how you have dealt with this issue ? One option that springs to mind is to go back to a choice list as this works as expected when generated with JHeadstart, and seeing a "Please select value" is a little more expected in a drop down list than a radio group :) but the requirement is for a radio group. Any idea how to avoid the ugly "unselected" radio button but still have radio groups validated for user input at the same time as the text fields ?

      Advice/suggestions welcomed :)


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