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    UPK 11 - issue with Internet Explorer 7

      Hi all,

      I searched the forums to see if anyone experienced a similar issue but had no luck.
      I am using UPK r.11 and when I publish content in IE7 the concept page is split into 2 panes (the one above containing the inserted info and the one below - much bigger - completely blank). The users are forced to scroll down in a mini pane to see info that should be displayed in full page.
      Outline, browsing, share options all work ok. Please note that this is experienced only with this version of IE, IE9, Firefox and Chrome are all ok.
      The simpler solultion would be to update the browser, but the fact is that IE7 is the official version being installed by my company on every pc.
      Any help appreciated, thanks in advance

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          Hi sg,

          The browsers can be real funny sometimes.

          Try the following - it may help:
          1. Clear cache
          2. Navigate to site containing content
          3. If the site still shows the content as you describe, then hold down the left <CNTRL> key and whilst holding it down, use the wheel on your mouse to either zoom in our out. Move the mouse wheel up or down, and see if it makes any considerable change?

          Also, can you confirm that the DPI settings are correct? It should be set to 96 DPI - just verify this in your display settings.

          Other than that, I am not too sure what else to suggest?