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    how to hide the header of the endeca page

      I got a requirement to hide the header of the endeca page ("Oracle Endeca information Discovery"). How to set the page in order to hide it?
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          To change the layout of the application, I believe you need to create a new theme to apply to your instance of Studio. Themes control the overall layout of the application, including the header. Studio ships with the Liferay classic theme and the endeca theme.

          For details on how to work with themes, you would have to see the Liferay documentation.


          You may also be able to download a theme from the Liferay site that meets your needs:


          Once you set up your theme, you can import it into Studio. The Studio User's Guide includes information on how to install themes and select the default theme for your instance of Studio.

          I believe the text is part of the theme, but you can swap out the logo from the Settings section of the Control Panel (Settings --> Display Settings --> Miscellaneous).