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    HA with C# library

      Any one used c# library for setting up replication ? Just wanted to get a feel if its production worthy - i get wierd crashes on test app's ( may be my stupid code as well) ?
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          You could use HA with BDB C# library.

          I am not sure what BDB version you are using. We have C# HA example excs_repquote in the latest release. It is included in the BDB_dotNet_examples{_vs2010}.sln and BDB_dotNet{_vs2010}.sln. Or you could open it under examples/csharp/excs_repquote/excs_repquote.csproj. There is guidance to run the example at the head of RepQuoteExample.cs. For example, to run a master, you might run as follows:
          excs_repquote.exe -M -h dir1 -l localhost:6000

          If you get weird crashes in your test, you might refer to the example code. And, it would be helpful if you turn on the verbose "-v" to monitor your replication.

          If you need more help, please let us know your BDB version, IDE, error message, verbose output.

          Hope it helps!

          Emily Fu, Oracle Berkeley DB