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    Using EJB Publish Utility (RIB)

      Hello everyone.

      I created a new Message family for Retail Integration Bus (RIB) and want to test it. As I suppose EJB Publish Utility is right for this task.
      When I launch this utility it shows:

      This utility was developed to wrapper the EJB Message Publish java api
      These are designed to help diagnose/validate the AQ JMS RIB ONLY!

      Usage : java com.oracle.rib.rdmt.util.RibMessagePublisherClient
      -x <<url -- required>>
      -fa <<family -- required>>
      -ty <<type -- required>>
      -c <<user context -- required>>
      -k <<user alias -- required>>
      -w <<wallet location -- required>>
      -fi <<file -- required>>
      О©Ґnt <<number of times О©Ґ optional (default value is 1)>>

      Enter to Continue? y/n/q [y]:

      What do I have to enter after "...y/n/q [y]:"? Please, give me some samples.
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          ejbpub_util.sh -host localhost -port *7001* -app MyApp -fa MyFamily -ty MyType -us username -pw password -fi */mydir/mfile*

          Replace the stuff in bold with your stuff.

          y/n/q stands for yes/no/quit...


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            I did many tries, but always got:
            "Invalid response: <my request here>"

            Anyone can write request for standart message family (Vendor for example)?

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