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    Failure to expose webservice through OEG

      hi friends,
      I have gone through the following doc and did the user authentication on OEG successfully with OEG credential store.


      I got successful request response while am checking with service explorer by configuring new request by placing wsdl(http://myhost:8080/Customer/CustomerService?WSDL),
      url(http://myhost:8080/Customer/CustomerService) and request with security token.

      But unfortunately i got error when am trying to do the same by import WSDL* option , and got http 500 error from gateway.

      following is the error

      Problem loading the WSDL file http://myhost:8080/Customer/CustomerService?WSDL:WSDLException:faultCode=OTHER_ERROR:Problem loading WSDL:java.io.IOEXception:server returned HTTP response code:500 for URL:http://myhost:8080/Customer/CustomerService?WSDL

      please help...