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    Could not find property iterator in class AmxCollectionModel

      I have following code in one of our amx page. There four links on top of the page, that control the display of various sections of the page, we are using 'pageFlowScope.orderdetailSelection' variable. Link action just sets a different value to in this variable. First section is Header, which displays simple details of Order, and other links show other elements of Order object, one of such link is to display Reference numbers of Order.

      <amx:panelGroupLayout id="panelGroupLayout4" layout="vertical"
      rendered="#{pageFlowScope.orderdetailSelection == 'orderreferences'}">
      <amx:iterator id="iterator1" var="row" value="#{bindings.orderReferences.collectionModel}">
      <amx:panelGroupLayout id="panelGroupLayout8" styleClass="amx-style-groupbox"
      inlineStyle="margin:10px 10px 1px 10px;display:inline-block;white-space:nowrap;width:#{deviceScope.hardware.screen.availableWidth-45}px">
      <amx:outputText value="#{row.refName}" id="outputText25" styleClass="field-label"/>
      <amx:outputText value="#{row.refValue}" id="outputText24" styleClass="field-value"/>

      By default, we display Header section and when References link is clicked, we set 'orderreferences' in 'pageFlowScope.orderdetailSelection', but application fails with Could not find property iterator in class oracle.adfmf.bindings.dbf.AmxCollectionModel error. If i remove rendered property on this panelGroupLayout, things work fine, but everything displays on all sections and defeats the purpose of organizing data in different categories.

      Also, if i add following code in the page and keep the rendered property on the panelGroupLayout, things work fine as well.

      <amx:panelGroupLayout id="panelGroupLayout7">
      <amx:iterator id="iterator2" var="row" value="#{bindings.orderReferences.collectionModel}"/>