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    Agent Configuation Problem (can't find proxy controller network interface)

    Tim Reidy
      Ops Center Gurus, I recently installed 12c to test in parallel with our 11gR3 installation.

      Installation and proxy configuration was clean. I unmanaged a system in the 11g setup, and did /var/scn/install/uninstall -a to remove the 11g proxy software as well as removing the /var/opt/sun/xvm directory structure to avoid persistence issues.

      This system is on the same subnet as the EC. The first 3 octets of the IPs are the same as well as the subnet mask.

      I wotk through the BUI to find this asset, and it discovers and verifies 4 service tags. When I tell it to manage the asset, I can see it copy the agent bundle and install it. However when it tries to configure, I get the message:

      AgentProvConfigure - Unable to find a proxy controller network interface that can be reached from agent IP Address /###.###.###.124 (80273) (IP hidden for security)

      If I run agentadm configure -x <IP of EC>... it configures properly and shows up as a managed asset.

      Do I need to configure anything in the Networks section of the navigation pane?

      I know I haven't provided a lot of information, but I was wondering if anyone has seen/overcome this problem before.