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    SALT simpapp example

      Hi everybody,

      I'm sorry if this question is already answered (I didn't find it so I'm posting this question).

      I have followed the "Step by step instructions" from the README of the simpapp, but when I have to type the "tmboot -y" (step #10) this is the output

      Booting all admin and server processes in /home/oracle/tuxedo11gR1/samples/salt/simpapp/work/tuxconfig
      INFO: Oracle Tuxedo, Version, 64-bit, Patch Level (none)

      Booting admin processes ...

      exec BBL -A :
      process id=9614 ... Started.

      Booting server processes ...

      exec simpserv -A :
      process id=9615 ... Started.
      exec TMMETADATA -A -- -f /home/oracle/tuxedo11gR1/samples/salt/simpapp/work/mdr_simpapp.repos :
      process id=9616 ... Started.
      exec GWWS -A -- -i GWWS1 :
      CMDTUX_CAT:1685: ERROR: Application initialization failure
      3 processes started.

      I don't know why there is an error in "exec GWWS -A -- -i GWWS1". I was wondering if this is a common newbie error, and the answer is simple (I hope so because this is driving me crazy)

      Any advice is appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.