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    EAI Workflow Issue

    User408980 -Oracle
      I have a requirement where in I have to send record details to JMS Q whenever a new contact is created or updated or deleted. To do so I have Created a workflow and I have triggered it using Runtime events. However, the msg being sent to JMS Q does not hold this information if the record being created is a New Record or the Updated record or the record is being deleted.

      Is there any ways I include this informatiom ? Thank you
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          You've several solutions, I'll give fastly 2 solutions:

          1. Store the event name in profile attribute before you invoking a method and in your WF read the profile attribute value.

          2. Create 3 run time events (DeleteRecord, NewRecord, WriteRecordUpdate), in each event call your WF with additional input argument.

          Good luck,
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