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    Receiving Transactions interface

    rahul kataria
      Some records are there in rcv_headers_interface & rcv_transactions_interface whose processing_status_code is in error or pending but still we are able to see that records are successfully processed to base tables i.e rcv_shipment_headers, rcv_shipment_lines and rcv_transactions.

      Kindly let me know how can we trace the error records which are not processed to rcv_shipment_headers, rcv_shipment_lines and rcv_transactions.
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          the below script shows all the shipment lines along with shipment_header_id that are either 'EXPECTED' or 'PARTIALLY RECEIVED' these would not have made it to the rcv_transactions table.

          find these shipment lines in the interface and try to process them.

          SELECT * FROM po.rcv_shipment_lines rsl

          if you have errored records in the rcv_transactions_interface and rcv_headers_interface that are not received.
          use the below script to find

          SELECT rti.SHIPMENT_LINE_ID FROM po.rcv_transactions_interface rti
          SELECT rt.shipment_line_id FROM
          po.rcv_transactions rt,
          po.rcv_transactions_interface rti

          To check errors

          select * from po.po_interface_errors pie
          where pie.INTERFACE_LINE_ID = 24126926 (this is interface_transaction_id from receiving_transactions_interface for the errored record or you can use batch_id/group_id which the Receiving_transaction_processor program errors out with)