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    FDM Adapter issue in Hyperion version.

      Hi All,

      I Created one HFM and FDM Application.
      Set all settings in FDM application, but when i open Control tables am getting error.

      Unable to retrieve target system data

      plz help me u know about this issue.

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          That error means that you have not configured the adapter properly. Things to check:

          1) You have imported and registered the adpater correctly
          2) Machine profile is correctly referencing the FDM Server as source and the HFM server or cluster as target.
          3) The account you are logging into FDM with has been given access to the HFM application if using unified security.
          4) The HFM application name you have specified in the integration settings is correct
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            Thanks for the response.

            I did all steps correctly as u mentioned.

            I used FM11X-G6-A_1016 adapter to configure with FDM application.

            please give me any suggestions.

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              Also make sure that the target HFM cluster/servers are registered in HFM Client on the FDM application server. After you have registered the HFM cluster/servers, verify that you can retrieve data in HFM Client from the target application and target HFM cluster and servers, particularly the target HFM cluster/server specified in the adapter's Machine Profile.

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                There no longer exists an HFM Client "Cluster registration". They moved that functionality from the Windows Registry to the Shared Services Registry, but there is no actual method to "register" the cluster, the products are supposed to look at the HSS registry for that info, and I checked the HSS registry and it does have entries for the HFM Cluster but products like FDM an FR ARE NOT ABLE TO get that info and connect. I even used the single server name in the machine profile but the fConnect method fails. Anyone was able to connect the FDM HFM adapter to an HFM app? or able to create an FR Data connection to an HFM app?
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                  Sounds like there were big changes with If the instructions in the EPM Install & Config Guide & the HFM Adapter ReadMe were followed, I would open an SR with Oracle. That may get you and answer faster and also give Oracle an opportunity to update the docs if something is missing.
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                    have you enabled the UD3 and UD4 dimensions in the FM11x-G6-A adapter in the workbench? The adapter shipped without these two dimensions active in the adapter and the number of custom dims active in the adapter must match the number of custom dims in the HFM Application. IN you can have more than 4 custom dims, so make sure they match.
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                      Yes I agree with this post. we migrated apps to test servers. we had to activate the UD3 and UD4 and have been able to load data to HFM from FDM on in case you try to use drill-back, we also had to make sure our FDM app was set to Unicode. we had to change that setting directly in the database in the tCtrlOption table in the Encoding row.
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                        I am experiencing the same exact issues with FDM and FR connecting to the HFM cluster/server. If you could provide your method for connecting, I would greatly appreciate.


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                          Thank tou for your replies.

                          Problem solved. We have to activate custom dimensions 3 and 4 then we will connect to HFM using FDM.