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    Lots of problems handling repositories

      How am I supposed to administer to a repository?

      I'm trying to fix my SAN backend to OVM, and I need to take it offline. This is OVM 3.1.1 build 365

      I unpresented both my administration OVM nodes from it, and tried to delete the repository. What ends up happening is that I lose all control of the repository, so it sits there in OVMM and I can't delete it. Why is OVM letting me do this?

      So instead I keep both administration OVM nodes on the repository and delete the repository. To do this I am forced to delete the contents of the respository. I don't want to delete the contents of the repository! I just want to unhook the repository backend without panicking everything. Why can't I do this? If I'm not allowed to do this, is there an easy to way back up the repository somehow? Could I add another repository and migrate data to it?
      If I try to simply yank the SAN out from under the repository I panic the entire system, as you would expect.

      Anyway, I play along and delete the contents of the repository, and then the repository itself. Then I delete the underlying Physical disk on the SAN and do maintenance on it. Then I create a new physical disk on the SAN for the new repository. I try and add this repository via iSCSI, and OVM times out (like pre build 365 OVM 3.1.1!).

      Eventually I have to pull down EVERYTHING (including the OVM server pool) and rebuild it all from scratch for me to use my new repository. Seems crazy if you ask me.

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