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    Endeca Stop words not working


      I tried adding two stop words namely recipe and recipes to endeca using the Developer Studio. I followed all the steps given in the endeca official documents.

      1. Open the deployment template project in the endeca developer studio.
      2. Added the stop words recipes and recipe via search configuration.
      3. Saved the project released it and did a full baseline update.

      Now when I search "chicken" and chicken recipes I get different set of results also I get back relevant results when I search only for "recipes".

      Can anyone help me in this regards

      Here is a sample query I am using


      Warm Regards
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          pete f - oracle

          There are two locations where the stop words can be updated, the first in Dev Studio, how you are making the change, and the second is in Workbench under Search Configuration. The change can be made in either location, but the app's ConfigManager needs to know which file to read from. Most likely your problem is that the application is configured to read from the Workbench's stopwords.xml not the Dev Studio. To check this open your AppConfig.xml <app>/config/script/AppConfig.xml

          In that file find the ConfigManager brick:
          <custom-component id="ConfigManager" host-id="ITLHost" class="com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.component.ConfigManagerComponent">

          In that brink there should be a number of lines with the property name "webStudioMaintainedFile#":

          <property name="webStudioMaintainedFile3" value="stop_words.xml" />

          If there is a line the contains the stop_words.xml then you application is reading from the Workbench version, to fix this either make the change in Workbench, or remove the line in the AppConfig.

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            Thanks for the detailed answer. I checked the AppConfig.xml and I did not find entry for "stop_words.xml" in list of files maintained under webStudioMaintainedFile.

            The steps I followed were simple.

            1. Entered the words via developer studio.
            2. Did a build of deployment template.
            3. Ran a full baseline update.
            4. I checked the stop_words.xml file that was generated the new words are listed there.

            I am going to follow your step of adding it via workbench. Hope that fixes it. If you have nay more suggestions then kindly mention that as well :).

            Thanks and Regards