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    Batch Load fails


      My batch load process keeps failing on Import at the first file with the following error

      -2147217887-Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. At line 82

      Anyone shed some light on this. BTW taking the batch file and importing it manually works just fine.
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          Could you provide a bit more detail? e.g. are you using standard batch process, integration script, event scripts etc? also is there any information in the FDM log or in the batch report.

          Just o the off-chance, I have seen this type of error elsewhere (Not FDM) and might be connected with:

          1. A string value is being inserted into a numeric field.
          2. An invalid date expression is being inserted into a date field.
          3. A string value being inserted is longer than the size of the string field.
          4. A null value is being inserted into a field that does not allow nulls.

          It might just be that it is handled in the workflow import process but not in batch.