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    Re-building the existing Oracle 6i Graph reports using BI Beans.

      Hi guys,

      We have few Oracle 6i Graph reports which are not working against the 11g Application Server, So we are considering to re-do them and I do not understand where to start with, to get an estimate of the work in doing so.

      Firstly, can I use the Oracle BI Beans 10.1.2.x Or ADF Data Visualization components (ADF DVT - This seems to be available in JDeveloper 11g) with 11g database?

      Secondly, What part(like queries) of the current 6i Reports can I use in developing them again using BI Bean, considering either of the above versions of the BI Beans.

      If anyone has worked on the BI Beans/ ADF DVT before, please give me your suggestions.