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    Error while loading new trx types to a new OU

      Steps to reproduce:
      Please note, source and target instance are same here

      1. Assume X is the existing OU, and Y is the new OU setup at basic level
      2. Dowloaded Receivables trx types data as an extract for OU = X
      3. Modified the xml file to point it to new OU = Y
      4. Re-uploaded the extract to iSetup
      5. Used this new extract to perform a load in the same instance
      6. Below error received.

      Can you pls review and help me soon.

      The following exception has occured while processing:
      Object Name : Cust Trx Types
      Record Identifiers : <Name> = 'Credit Memo'
      Exception : Exception occurred in API 'Transaction Types API.'
      Entity 'CustTrxTypeEO'
      <Name> = 'Credit Memo'
      <Business Group Name> = 'Setup Business Group'
      <Org Name> = 'iSetup OU'
           at java.lang.String.<init>(String.java:147)
           at oracle.apps.ar.ispeed.transactionType.server.CustTrxTypeEOImpl.initialize(CustTrxTypeEOImpl.java:996)
           at oracle.apps.ar.ispeed.transactionType.server.CustTrxTypeEOImpl.doDML(CustTrxTypeEOImpl.java:1898)
           at oracle.jbo.server.EntityImpl.postChanges(EntityImpl.java:4530)
           at oracle.apps.fnd.framework.server.OAEntityImpl.postChanges(OAEntityImpl.java:1759)
           at oracle.apps.az.fwk.server.BEEntityImpl.postChanges(BEEntityImpl.java:230)
           at oracle.apps.az.fwk.server.BEImport.validateOneRecord(BEImport.java:1962)
           at oracle.apps.az.fwk.server.BEImport.endElement(BEImport.java:759)
           at oracle.xml.parser.v2.NonValidatingParser.parseElement(NonValidatingParser.java:1318)
           at oracle.xml.parser.v2.NonValidatingParser.parseRootElement(NonValidatingParser.java:336)
           at oracle.xml.parser.v2.NonValidatingParser.parseDocument(NonValidatingParser.java:303)
           at oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLParser.parse(XMLParser.java:205)
           at oracle.apps.az.fwk.server.BEImport.importXML(BEImport.java:377)
           at oracle.apps.az.fwk.server.BEApplicationModuleImpl.importFromXML(BEApplicationModuleImpl.java:401)
           at oracle.apps.az.r12.api.BC4JAPI.importAPI(BC4JAPI.java:857)
           at oracle.apps.az.r12.loader.cpserver.APILoader$APIExecuter.run(APILoader.java:648)
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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          If you are on R12, please apply the patches in these two docs and check then.

          iSetup: Imported Transaction Types Using iSetup Populates ORG_ID Value In Legal Entity Field [ID 1340427.1]
          R12.1: Loading Payables Option Extract into Target Fails with the Following Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException [ID 1323037.1]

          Also, make sure you have all the recommended patches applied.

          Isetup List Of Mandatory Patches For R12 [ID 811040.1]
          iSetup Mandatory Patches post 12.1.1 [ID 857551.1]
          iSetup Mandatory Patches for [ID 1317257.1]
 isetup mandatory patches [ID 1337228.1]