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    Processes of databases mixed between ORACLE_HOMES on CRS STANDALONE


      I have three Databases with different Oracle_HOME (different filesystem) on a CRS STANDALONE (ASM)

      /opt/oracle/pka00/soft/bd/bd11.2 (SID: piloasdb)
      /opt/oracle/pka01/soft/bd/bd11.2 (SID: pilosec)
      /opt/oracle/pka02/soft/bd/bd11.2 (SID: piloref)

      1)I start with crsctl command the first DB: crsctl start resource: ora.piloasdb.db
      No problem

      2) I start with crsctl command the second DB: crsctl start resource: ora.pilosec.db
      I can see processes of pilosec DB opened in BOTH ORACLE_HOME (itself O_H and the O_H of piloasdb)

      3) I start with crsctl command the third DB: crsctl start resource: ora.piloref.db
      I can see processes of piloref DB opened in ALL the ORACLE_HOME (itself O_H and the other two O_H, piloasdb and piloref)

      Why this behavior?

      I discovered this problem when I want to dismount the filesystem of one DATABASE, I can't do it because the processes of other databases are opened.

      Tks very much!

      Send in cc: david.mauri@oracle.com