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    oracle BPM ..

      i have created a bpm application. i initiate the process from the server machine itself. now when the other user logs into bpm workspace, the user is able to see the task in the task list but the task does not open. it shows this...

      Firefox can't find the server at ofssopp387.de.oracle.com.

      it because the machine name is wrongly generated in the server.. instead of ofssopp387 only it comes out as ofssopp387.de.oracle.com..

      any work around for this problem ??
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          If the problem occurs when opening the humant task ADF form, you can edit the hostname.

          Open Enterprise Manager, locate and click in your deployed Composite Application.

          At the right pannel, find the Component Metrics' area and click in your human task name.
          Go to Administration tab and edit the host name to the ADF taskflow.
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            This was perfect work around for me.The solution helped big time!!