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    Workflow Utilities BS

    User408980 -Oracle

      I am trying to update a value of a field after it is queried using EAI Siebel Adapter Business Service. In order to do so I am using the Workflow Utilities BS Echo method. However, after having done that the output of the message remained is just the value of the field that I set and rest of the message is truncated.

      Is this the expected behaviour or am I missing some thing ?

      Please help.
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          The Echo method in the Workflow Utilities BS is just for getting back what you passed to it (i.e. why it is 'echo'). From what I understand, after performing a query you are wanting to update a particular field value (where I am not sure so I have described two possible scenarios that come to my mind):

          1. If you are planning to update this value on the record then use the Siebel Operation step of Update in the Workflow.
          2. If you are planning to change the value in the output query then pass it to Data Map and in the Data Map specifications on the UI, you can provide the requisite updates as you desire. Alternately you can update the value before performing the query in the first place itself.

          Warm Regards,
          Tanmay Jain.