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    NIC failure dtected when the other node goes down

      #define "nic" means interface :)


      I have this setup :

      2 solaris 10-8-11 ( 32 bits ) - the vmware downloaded image under Vbox

      each vm has 1 Gb of ram - desktop disabled , CPU E3400@2600Mhz , each with a 10Gb virtual disk attached ( quota set in zfs ) , 3 nics

      on each VM the network configuration from Vbox is the same :

      - - - nic0 - Host-only adapter : nodeA ; nodeB /24
      - - - nic1 - Internal network : nodeA nodeB /24
      . . . nic2 - Internal network : not configured and left alone for cluster communication

      On nodeA and B i had a cluster installed but a power cut shut down my pc and lost the nodeb configuration

      Now I decided to reinstall the whole thing from beginning

      NodeB - complete re-installation
      NodeA - restart in non-cluster mode and "#cluster remove" + restart

      now the thing is that nodeA keep shutting down all the nics when nodeB is not up ,i had this problem before ( with the older cluster ) but i was thinking it would disappear after I destroyed the cluster

      Error is : "NIC failure detected on e1000g1 of group sc_ipmp0" - this happens for the first two nics ( the ones that are configured )

      Did i do correctly the deactivation of the cluster in nodeA ? is there any thing more do to to get rid of the useless fencing mechanism that shuts down my nics ? it seems like a zombie cluster fencing :)

      And when i start up nodeB , the nics on nodeA magically go up again :)

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