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    Migration from SolidDB to Oracle ??

      Hi Experts

      I hoppe you can help me, I have to migrate a SolidDB 4.5 to Oracle 11gR2

      Do you know how to do that ? some advice ? maybe some tool ?

      Thanks in advance

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          Hi J.A,
          SQL*Developer can be used to migrate some non-Oracle databases but it doesn't support the SolidDB database.
          The following note available in My Oracle Support describes some alternative options -

          How To Migrate Non-Oracle Databases For Which A Migration Workbench Option Is Not Available (Doc ID 393760.1)

          Basically, the options are -

          1. Use a gateway that supports the non-Oracle database or generic connectivity if a third party ODBC driver is avaible to do a "create table as select...."

          2. Use the SQL*Plus COPY command to copy data from the non-Oracle database to the Oracle database using a gateway or generic connectivity.

          3. Load the non-Oracle data into flat files and use SQL*Loader to put the data into Oracle tables. Again manual work is required for the other objects.

          4. Review the section -

          Finding More Help: Oracle Migration Partners and Support

          on the SQL*Developer Migration Workbench site at -


          which has links to further help especially for the non-Oracle databases not covered by the migration workbench.

          6. Use JDBC to connect to the non-Oracle and Java in the Oracle database. This method will work but it is not suppported by the JDBC team.