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    Report Batch ID


      I was wondering if it is possible to filter the result of the Batch Error Listing using the Batch ID. (in a script).

      I know how how to retrieve the batch ID but i do not know how to pass this information in the script...

      any help appreciated.
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          Create a custom report which is a copy of the Batch Error Listing report and then modify the underlying SQL so you can filter the results based on the Batch ID. Set up anew option/parameter on the report which lists the Batch ID's in a combo box so you can choose the appropriate one for the information you wish to dipslay on the report.
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            tanks SH that is what i did and it works like a dream but only for the last file in the queue.

            is there a way to make the load process work 1 by 1? or do i need to use parallel mode?
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              Not sure I understand whatyou are asking, can you elaborate please?
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                ok here is the idea.

                when i have 2 or more files in the open batch, i want 1 email to be send per file (regardless if successful or failed).

                so i thought about something like this:

                vfiles = BATCHENG.PcolFiles.Item

                If bfilelist > 0 Then

                For Each vfiles In BATCHENG.PcolFiles

                then here i can add my email stuff...

                that doesn't work. it doesn't like : vfiles = BATCHENG.PcolFiles.Item

                in other word, i am trying to have a loop that would send the result of each file (within 1 batch) in separate emails.

                i understand how i can send 1 email with attachment using the last loaded file, but it is not good enough. Nor is it good enough to have 1 report showing me all status of the location loaded in that batch. it should send me a validation report or a batch error report for each loaded file.

                do i make any sense? :-)