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    stylesheets with CSS classes included in springboard possible?

    Pascal B
      Hey there.
      Is there a way to include a CSS stylesheet in my custom made springboard?
      I can include them in features but don't know how to import external files to the custom springboard (amx page)..

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          Pascal B
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            Joe Huang-Oracle
            Hi, Pascal, actually let me add to this thread so everyone can see this.

            Yes you can leverage CSS in custom springboard and custom login screen. If these are HTML based, you would just simply include the CSS with your HTML page. If these are AMX based, you would need to follow the SkinningDemo to either extend or add new style classes. Look in the ApplicationController project - Application Sources - META-INF - adfmf-skins.xml file. This contains references to additional CSS classes that can be used in the entire app. Since springboard and login page are application level artifacts, these CSS/skinning files will need to be added in the App Controller project per the sample.

            Quick explanation of the adfmf-skins.xml file since I was not clear in this morning's call. You can either modify the existing CSS classes shipped with the framework, or add new CSS classes to the framework. To modify (or extend) - for example, to change the header facet's outputText color to red, you would first add this to the skins.xml file


            Then in your mycss.css file, you would have:

            .amx-panelPage-facet-header > .amx-outputText{
            color: red;

            If you want to add a brand new CSS class and then use it in your app, you would:


            And the myaddedcss.css would have the following new class that you can now use in your app:

            .MyCSSClass {
            color: green;

            This would work against the entire app, including springboard and custom login app built using AMX.


            Joe Huang