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    Am I Missing It?

      We've not put much time in the v7.x Web Access application, but now I find I need to transition a couple of PM's over to it and I'm trying to develop some quick training. They were proficient in P3/Suretrak, so I was hoping to hit the highlights.

      I think I've discovered that one cannot do a 'save as' on a project in WA? Is the intent that a user would only be able to save a baseline of the current project, not save it as an entirely new project? How would one manage 'what if' schedules in that case? I've looked around, including the KB & Help and didn't see anything, but I may have missed it.

      If that is the case, that you can only copy a project in P6 7.x client version, does anyone have any recommendations for a best practice on handling updates, and particularly 'what if' type schedules?
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          Have you tried using Reflections?
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            It is my understanding that Reflections cannot be created in Web Access v7.x.

            From the Oracle document "What's New in P6 V7"

            "Do we have the reflection capabilities in P6 Web Access?"
            P6 Web Access cannot create or merge reflection projects in P6 v7. However, end users are able to open and status reflection projects via the Web.

            So, I still have the same question. How does a Project Manager, using P6 v7.x Web Access, somehow copy/replicate/save as, their schedule for 'what if' manipulation and analysis? I think this might be a show stopper for us. If I can't give someone an avenue to copy an existing schedule in Web Access, I don't see how I can deploy it.

            If anyone else has solved this issue, I'd appreciate some input.

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              Mark Milligan-Oracle
              In the Projects View, Do an export to XML and then Import the XML file to make a new project (Copy for use as what-if) If you are considering extensive use of WA, I would recommend you consider migrating to version 8.2. Version 8.0 and later is a significant improvement of version 7.0

              Hope this helps.
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                Thanks, but telling me the answer is to export and reimport the project . . . well, I may as well use Project. It's crazy that that functionality isn't available. From what I've seen Web Access in v7.0 appears nearly useless. As I get more and more "non-Professional" folks needing to use P6, I find that the 10 Web Access licenses I have available do me no good whatsoever, except as an avenue to 'upgrade' to 8.x.

                From what I'm reading, the conversion from 7.x to 8.x has issues. One Consultant even recommends his clients essentially build a new db instead of upgrading the old. Export everything out and import to the new. That means all the baselines have to be restored, exported, imported and re-merged with the schedule. Settings are lost, layouts, filters, etc. That, is a daunting endeavor.
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                  Well, I've used P6 ver7 and definitely created reflections. I have very much worked on different what-if scenarios and merged them into the master schedule.

                  Try using reflections: Projects -> right click on the project name -> Create Reflection