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    Primavera P6 8.1 Authentication - LDAP/Active Directory vs Native

      Hi All

      I'm hoping someone could possibly confirm my current constraint.

      At the moment our users are logging in via the native mode where P6 is doing the actual authentication.
      However, we're moving towards integrating our authentication with Active Directory.

      Now the problem is that a high percentage of our users are contractors whom does not exist on the active directory server, and the internal process to get users on active directory is estimated at 2 months +, with all the red tape.

      This will then restrict all the contractors and potentially new staff that needs to work on high priority projects from actually doing their work.

      I know from previous application experience that some applications allow for one to setup the LDAP/Active Directory, and then when creating a new user on the 'Primavera' application to choose which authentication mode that user should use, eliminating all these environmental constraints.

      Is there a way to work around these constraints within Oracle Primavera P6 8.1?
      In other words, can one swop between LDAP/Active Directory and Native mode for individual user accounts?

      Thanks in advance for your responses.

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          Mark Milligan-Oracle
          Hi Werner,

          Unfortunately, authentication is not defined at the P6 user account level but is defined at the database level. You could create a separate database for Contractors with Native authenitcation and have them update their projects in that database. The PM in LDAP database could import the Contractor project to LDAP db to update the schedule but that would create a lot of overhead to configure 2 environments and manage the import export process.

          Consider what specific benefit would be obtained by having most P6 users (Contractors) use LDAP authentication and compare that to the options\benefits for user access using native authentication. I don't see much benefit for the organization for Contractors to use LDAP (password management?) but obviously that is a decision for your organization to make. Hope this helps or gives you ideas for consideration.

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