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    Siebel Clonning

      Dear Guru
      We are running siebel 8.0 on sun solaris 10 on sparc machines. We are using 2 diff boces for DB and application. I need to clone Siebel from PRODUCT to TEST. I can do the DB part confortably but not very much sure at application part.
      Can anyone please explain what do i have to copy from PRODUCTION to TEST and what are the configuration files to be changed.

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          It's mostly the DB. I assume that your Test environment is already installed.
          Also think about the passwords of the users, any changed System Preferences in the Siebel application (if any), the Siebel File System, etc.

          If you have a document for disaster recovery of your PROD environment, that should give you clues about what you need to change in Test.
          Also be aware of any automatic processes (like WF that sends an email). In our DEV and TEST environment they are connected to a mail server that can only send emails within our own domain.

          More considerations can be found on Supportweb: Restoring Production Environments into Test Environments [ID 477772.1]