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    spliting a cluster

      Hi all

      I am new to solaris clustering, and I need to split a two node cluster (3.1) into two standalone servers. I ´ve search the internet for documentation, I could only found cluster commands.

      I can see from the commands that I runned, that

      cluster device group is OFFLINE
      quorum vote by device is OFFLINE
      cluster resources group are OFFLINE
      cluster resources are also OFFLINE
      and one device instance is also OFFLINE

      Please can you guide me on how to achieve this?

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          I assume you mean that you want two standalone nodes that don't have Solaris Cluster installed? If so, you need to uninstall Solaris Cluster. The procedure is documented here:


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            Thanks for the reply. Yes I want to have two nodes as opposed of a two node cluster that I have now, but the link that you sent mentioned the following:

            -How to uninstall Sun Clustr Software to correct installation problems
            -How to uninstall the SUNWscrdt Package
            -How to unload the RSMRDT driver manually

            So which one shall I take? Or should I do the 3 steps in that order?

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              You just need the top one.


              down to the scinstall -r

              Check the manual page for scinstall and it should provide details of the uninstall option (-r).

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