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    Additional Filesystem


      I have Oracle Linux 5 running on VMs on top of Oracle VM Server 2.2.2. I might need to add additional filesystem.

      my question is: is the above possible?

      I have plenty disk space but limited RAM which in fact is already used by VMs and I have seen the soultion I am up to (JDE upgrade) that there were additional filesystems dedicated for new version of JDE while the old one was in already existing until it was shut down.

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          What is the difference between this question and your question in the Oracle VM Server forum?
          Disk sizing
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            It is different matter. Then I needed to increase the size within one filesystem - for example /u01

            In this case I need to create an additional filesystem - for example /u02

            As I mentioned a few times: I am total newbie so please consider it if I ask silly question but in this case time is the issue and I did not find answers for those questions in the documents that is why I am hoping for the help of experienced users.

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